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Med-View Airline currently operates between Lagos and Abuja. Other destinations will be added to the domestic network in the near future. Kindly be advised the Med-View Airline online website is presently undergoing some improvements and accordingly several of the functionalities have been disabled. Please accept our sincere apologies for any inconvenience caused at this time.

Customer Relations

Med-View Airline and its service providers will always make every effort to ensure that you have a safe and pleasant flight. We value your custom, and always look forward to welcoming you back on board. However, we recognise that despite our best efforts thing do sometimes go wrong and you need to contact us. Our Customer Relations team will look to resolve your issue quickly and appropriately. Please refer to our website for additional information on your passenger rights, conditions of carriage, baggage allowances and lots more. If you need to contact customer relations please do so via the online form. If you suffer flight disruption and need to claim compensation please use the online claim form provided. Med-View will process your claim form as quickly as possible, provided you give us all required information. Where you may be entitled to compensation:

• You must submit your claim directly to us and allow us 28 days (unless a shorter time is prescribed by law) to respond directly to you before engaging a third party to claim, or progress your claim, on your behalf. Claims can be submitted via our website or in writing to us at our registered office address.
• We will not process claims submitted by a third party unless you have submitted your claim directly to us and have allowed us the time to respond as specified above.

1. Flight Delay and Cancellation
Med-View makes every effort to operate to their published schedules, however, there are occasions where it is not possible to do so and a flight may be delayed or cancelled.

Med-View is guided by the Consumer Protection Regulations the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA) promulgated for the protection of the rights of air travellers. The rights are drawn from Part 19 of 'NCAA Regulations 2012, Vol. II.' which prescribes the minimum rights and duties of passengers and the obligations of airlines. All airlines are subject to the provisions of the Bill.

To be eligible for compensation under valid circumstances you must have a confirmed reservation on the delayed and or cancelled flight and be in possession of a valid air ticket.

If you believe you are entitled to claim for compensation, we have provided an online claims form which will assist us in processing your claim promptly, however should you wish to contact us, you may do so by emailing Customer Relations at [email protected] or by writing to Customer Relations, Med-View Airline, 21 Olowu Street, Ikeja, Lagos. Med-View will process you claim or complaint promptly and fairly. However once you have received our final response, and if you remain unsatisfied with the company’s decision and wish to escalate your claim or complaint with Federal Competition and Consumer Protection Commission.

2. Baggage Claims
Lost Bags Should you find that your baggage has not arrived, you should contact our ground handling staff immediately. Details of your Baggage will be taken and if applicable you will be authorised to purchase essential items up to a maximum of NGN ??? per day for essential items. If your Baggage has been delayed, arrangements will be made to have it delivered to your local address when it arrives.

Should you need to make a claim, this will be required in writing within seven days after your arrival, by online form provided or by post to: Customer Relations, Med-View Airline, 21 Olowu Street, Ikeja, Lagos.

Damaged Bags Should you find that your baggage has been damaged you should contact our ground staff immediately. Details of your baggage will be taken. Where appropriate a replacement bag may be provided. Should you need to make a claim, this will be required in writing within seven days after your arrival, by online form provided or by post to: Customer Relations, Med-View Airline, 21 Olowu Street, Ikeja, Lagos.
Please include all supporting documentation (receipts, boarding passes etc), and any baggage reference you will have been given when reporting the initial loss or damage.

3. Refunds For information on refunds, please contact your travel agent or the Med-View ticketing office where your ticket was purchased or email: [email protected]

4. Claim Form

Add passengers name if any:

(a) All flights 1500km or less ₦ 250
(b) Intra-community flights more than 1500km, and for all other flights between 1500 and 3500km ₦ 400
(c) Flights not falling under (a) or (b) ₦ 600
TOTAL number of passengers in this CLAIM    
TOTAL CLAIM (No of Passengers x amount a, b, or c) *
Did you travel on your original planned flight?
Were you rerouted to an alternative destination?
Did Loganair offer to provide transport to your ticketed destination?
Were you rerouted on another flight to your planned destination?

If you incurred additional costs for transport to your original destination you may be eligible for a refund. If so, you will be required to submit receipts to support your claim.
Provide details of your additional claim in the box below: