Our attention has been drawn to certain notices and/or publications on some internet websites that certain Mr. Bright Okoro with telephone numbers 08060015174, 07067558524 and 08060306289 is claiming to be a sales representative of Med-View Airline and requesting unsuspecting customers to pay into his private account in order to obtain Med-View Airline tickets for them.

The said notices and publications may contain information and symbols that lead the receiver to believe that the Med-View Airline is in any way or manner involved in, or approve of such notices and publications.

We hereby alert the public that such notices are clearly fraudulent and should be ignored.

Our company is not associated in any way with the person publishing these fraudulent notices or with the activities described in them. Members of the public are therefore advised to disregard such messages.

Please take notice that only information on our website on ways to purchase your ticket is authentic. Interested members of the public should visit our websites on www.medviewairline.com. Any other websites have no connection with us and offers made thereon should be disregarded