Breaking News: Med-view airline takes delivery of a new aircraft Boeing 747 which flew in from London early 1st August 2016 to boost its International routes”.    Fly Med-View airline from Lagos to Kaduna direct and connect back to Lagos via Abuja    Medview Airline now operates once daily out of Lagos to port-harcourt       Now flying Abuja and Lagos to Kano - Daily except sundays ;

International Routes

At Medview Airline, we are expanding rapidly and have added the London route to our international route.

Experience the blue wings today and you will know the difference.

Fly Lagos to Accra

Cheapest Flights to Accra Ghana from N23,000 - (one way)

Fly Lagos to Gatwick-London

Flights to London from N149,000 - (return)

Fly to Jeddah

Fly Thursday and Saturday from Lagos Via Kano.


Domestic Routes

Port Harcourt

Blue Flyers Program

Blue Flyers Benefits

How to Pay

You can pay for your bookings using any of the following options:

  1. Pay directly through your debit / credit cards through our Interswitch/MIGS platform
  2. Book-On-Hold and pay through Quickteller
  3. Book-On-Hold and pay through our partner banks